Window Tinting Prices and Differences in Window Films.

Shopping around for cheapest window tinting prices? Ever heard of - "You get what you pay for"? Well let us try to explain you the difference between cheap window tinting and normal tinting prices.

An average window tinting price for a standard saloon or 5 door hatchback car would be from £120 up to £170. If someone is quoting you half of this price you should ask yourself - "why is it so cheap?"

Prices vary on the quality of work and quality of materials that will be used on your car. If a company is taking extra time and care for preparing and cleaning your car Windows to achieve a perfect nice finish they will never quote you very cheap price. Professional workshops value their job quality and charging the right money. Prices depending also on what type of window film is used for your car for tinting. Cheap quote means cheap window film most of the time and no extra time care for a nice clean finish. What is the difference between good and cheap window film? Cheap window film can look same like the good expensive film, but where is the difference then if it looks the same? I'm sure you have seen cars with purple window film. It still might look good from the outside but from the inside the film looks purple - this is a sign of cheap film which faded from its original colour to a purple. Good window film never changes its original appearance and won't turn purple with time and also it always looks more luxury. Has a deeper, richer colour. Also cheaper window film is thin and not so strong for heat rejection and in case of glass breakage it won't keep the shatters in place. Let's make the long story short. And see the benefits of good window film:

It always blocks 99% of harmful UV, In case of glass breakage it keeps the shatters in place and doesn't fly around the car. It won't fade, what means that the way your windows looked on the first day will look the same even after 3-5-7 years. It reduces the glare and fading of your car interior. Keeps the car interior cooler. Gives a nice luxury look for your car. Looking through your rear view mirror night times won't blind you from the car lights driving behind you (on darker window film shades). With the cheaper window film you cannot get this. So always keep in mind that cheap and good doesn't equals. You might save some money first but when it will come to re-tint your car don't forget that to remove your old window film will cost you money too.

Also dont be fooled by Window Tinting Installers who are saying they are using the top brand window Film. Yes they might be using the top brand name but not the top range window film. More about Window film types you can read in our next BLOG (Link will be added soon, once the blog is ready) Have a look at some pictures to see the difference between good and cheap window film. WTS Professional Solutions

Text written and edited by: Gintautas Bancer (WTS Professional Solutions)

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